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MotionWerkz Swing Yoga Interview on Ch 8 Morning News

MotionWerkz Founder and Instructor Gillian and student Angeline Wong, who is a Zumba instructor talks about the benefits and precautions of Swing Yoga. Click the link to find out more...

Swing Yoga with OneChampionship Rich Franklin and Chopper Chi Parry-Lewis


What can I say but it was an honor having these MMA giants drop by MotionWerkz together with the One Championship video crew.

We had such an awesome time and the Swing/hammock proved to able to withhold the built of these men. Even the video crew had to lay their hands on the swing after the shoot was over. Yoga and fitness can be so much fun with the Swing/Hammock as it brings out the kid in you whilst giving you a total body conditioning workout all at the same time....

10 ways Swing Yoga can help you in MMA

Core strength and impressive flexibility – these are two things that mixed martial artists require.

Through high intensity training, MMA fighters constantly build and use strength. As a result, they face many instances of stiff soreness, pulled muscles and injuries. Flexibility and strength are able to prevent such instances of pain, helping them to improve their efficiency in training......

Swing Yoga
One Championship OneFC MMA
One Championship OneFC MMA
Swing Yoga
Motionwerkz: We Namaslayed 5 Aerial Yoga Poses On Our First Try & So Can You At Kallang CT Hub

Yoga has steadily gained popularity over the past couple of years, but I was more inclined to learn about its elegant cousin: Aerial Yoga. Swinging in a hammock while performing poses that aren’t limited to the mat, seemed like a beautiful (and super fun) way to attain a much needed peaceful state of mind.

I invited/dragged a few from the team to attend an introductory lesson with Gillian from Motionwerkz, who taught us the ropes. And if you’re wondering, yes, guys are welcome to attend these classes too.

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